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Pallet Waste Collection

Pallet Waste Collections

At JK Pallets we can leave standing trailers for our customers with larger sites, from which we can collect all timber waste goods, such as pallets, boards, beams and more.

We tailor our collections around customers, whether it’s one load a week or multiple loads per day.

You can earn money from your wooden waste collection

We vary the way each trailer is priced and how customers claim revenue back for the pallets collected. These factors will all be determined by volume.

As all trailer requests are tailored to the customer, it is best to speak to one of our team for helpful advice on how to plan your collections.

Contact our team today on 0151 384 2143 and see why JK Pallets Ltd is one of the fastest growing pallet providers in the UK.

We are licensed to remove wood waste and as an environmentally friendly company, we can ensure that no wood waste goes to landfill.

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